Idea: MSII
Board Layout: MSII
New Elements: Rotating Rooms
Element Design: MSII


Comment: Originally planned as a board for PBEM-games, it´s also easy to play 'in reality'. This board requires some extra craftwork. Stick every room on a single piece of 3x3" cardboard. The nine rooms should perfectly fit on another piece of cardboard (12x12") Only glue the center room (with 4 entrances) on the middle of the main board. The other 8 rooms are placed on the main board loose (the rooms with 3 entrances in the corners)!All loose rooms turn 90 at the end of every turn (thats where the name comes from originally ;) IF A ROBOT IS IN THE ROOM. Empty rooms do not turn.
Robots ending in a corner square of a rotating room (by teleporter, Big Jet,...) get crushed to death!