The new factory boards contain 56 new board elements (August 2000)

Board elements A-F:
The new board elements interact with robots
(who said 'kill'?) in different ways, which are explained here.

As you might want to have the explanations at hand while you are playing ROBORALLY, you can take a look at the plain-text version (that should be easier to print right out of the browser).

Print-version_A-F.txt will follow ASAP.

For all questions on timing,
check out the ROBO-BRAIN.
Alternative ground plates
Antigrav field
Balancing Platform NEW
Big Trapdoor
Big Turnerning Gear
Black Hole
Blaster / Melting Beam
Bridge NEW
Crossgear NEW
Copy Machine
  Crumbly Ground
Deep Water NEW
Finishing Line
Flip (Green) belt
Force field

Antigrav field
Alternative ground plates
They look different, but these are just normal squares, they do not affect robots at all.
Treat them as open ground
(as long as there is no crusher,... on them)

There are at least 5 of them. We simply use them to make the boards look better.
  Function: Robots starting their move on Antigrav Fields begin to soar. The robot is flying for the rest of the whole turn. He lands after the fifth register phase or immediately after he received a point of damage.

Timing: For the rest of the current turn (and hopefully not shorter).
Balancing Platform

Sven sent me their new rules to my new rules! They decide the direction the platform slopes to not only by the 4 areas but by the weight of the robots as well.
Basically, its:
hulk>squash>trundle>hammer>twitch>zoom>twonky>spin (with HulkX90 being the heaviest, of course :)

Big Trapdoor
Function: Platform slopes under load, causing robots to slide of the platform to one side. The platform is divided into 5 areas (shown here by red lines, on the board by the little golden bullets). On the outer 4 areas, robots cause the platform to slope down to that side of that platform.
In the picture, there are 2 robots in the left area of the platform plus one bot in the right, one bot in the center and one in the top area. So the platform slopes to the
  left, all 5 bots slide one square (without rotating) in the direction indicated here by the green arrows. Robots sliding of the platform (the bot with the white X on it) do not take damage.

Timing: At the end of the Robots move-Sequence
(BEFORE belts, pushers, gears,... move!)
Function and Timing: Like a normal trapdoor pit, only 4 times as big!  
Big Turning Gear
Function: This big gear with a wall in the middle works like a secret door. As long as robots stand on the gear, it turns 180 every register phase. (So yes: Robots looking to the wall still look against it after the gear has turned)

Timing: Just after the little gears turned 90 in the Board Elements move-Sequence.
Black Hole
Blaster / Melting Beam
Function: Black holes attract everything, especially moveable objects like robots! All robots in a straight line with the hole get pulled one square closer to the void. The hole affects the whole board, so it´s range can be up to 11 squares, even through walls! (though robots cannot be pulled through walls). Treat the square containing the black hole itself as a pit/drain.

Timing: Effect occurs right before gears start to turn.
  Function: This hi-energy beam immediately starts to melt any robot standing in it or even running through it! Like a flamer, thats active all 5 reg.phases, robots get
1 or 2 p.o.d. , the first p.o.d. always locks the robot´s current register!

Timing: Simultaneous to active flamers.
  Function: Open bridges are treated as holes, robots cannot pass them. In the register phases indicated by the numbers on the bridge it closes and is treated like open ground for that register phase.

Timing: Robots open/close after players revealed their program cards (before robots move).
Function: Rotates 90°, little arrows on it indicate if it rotatesCW or CCW. In the picture, the red SpinBot is looking south, after the crossgear rotated, he will be moved diagonally and end up looking east (marked here as a 'virtual' green SpinBot).

He now has the opportunity to shoot yellow HammerBot. HammerBot was standing there while the Crossgear rotated, HammerBot was not affected
  (pushed,...) by it! Okay, this seems not logical, but it´s the best way to keep gameplay fast and simple.

Timing: Effect occurs right after the little gears turned 90 and the big gears turned 180° in the Board Elements move-Sequence.
Copy machine
Crumbly Ground
Function: By pushing the red button (running against it) start the machine. It produces a Tamagotchi, a virtual copy of your robot, on the antenna-side of the wall. Put the virtual plate of your robot on the square facing towards the wall. The Tamagotchi dissapears when it touches the copy machine on his side at the square he arose. If either the tamagotchi or the robot get killed, both die immediately. Treat the Tamagotchi in any way like a virtual robot.

Timing: The machine can be activated in the Robots move-Sequence.
  Function: Robots can move over or stop and move on next turn like over normal ground squares. But robots trying to execute a rotate card (and so standing on the square for a complete turn) sink in and lose one life.

If you want to make things more tricky, you can keep a couple of pit-tokens beside the board and put one on each crumble ground, after a robot broke in. So there will be more and more pits on the board during the game!

Timing: In the reveal program cards sequence.
  Deep Water

Both pictures show deep water on the left square, 'ordinary' water (with current) on the right square.

Function: Like normal water, but robots standing in or moving through deep water take 1 p.o.d.

Timing: Like normal water.
Fast Ramp
Function: On the indicated register phases, the elevator is in his up-position, otherwise it is on ground level. In both cases, treat him like a normal ground square.
When the elevator is up, robots can stand under it or move through the square. But when the elevator comes down, it has a crusher-like effect on robots under it!

Timing: Elevator changes position simultaniously to active crushers.

You can find the original elevator-element on Cybermax´ site.
  Function: Robots ending their move on an energizer square get energized. In subsequent phases, they execute their program cards in double speed. Priority of cards gets overridden by order of registers. After the robot ran out of programmed cards, he executes his program starting with register 1 again, until the end of the whole turn.

Timing: Energizer is active in all 5 reg.phases. Effect on robot (once they are energized) occurs in all remaining reg. phases of the current turn.
  No explanation needed, the blue belts move the robot up the ramp to the next level in the Board Elements move-Sequence.  
Finishing Line
Flip (Green) Belt
Do I really have to explain this?   Function: Transporting robots one square per register phase, but in different directions.Direction changes every time, a robot steps through a light barrier.(Due to several requests, we made a token to indicate the current direction of the flip belts). Choose the starting direction of the flip belts at random (toss the coin).

Timing: AFTER all other belts in the Board elements move-Sequence.
  Function: Fog blocks robots l.o.s. As they cannot see robots on the other site of the fog, they don´t fire weapons on them. A robot standing in a foggy square has no l.o.s. at all (never fires). Fog doesn´t effect robots (or drones,...) movement.

Timing: Occurs when a robot moves into the foggy square or has a l.o.s. at it (not through it).
Force Field / Energy Wall
Function: Blocks robots' movement like a wall, but allows robot-mounted weapons to shot through (but not options like drones,...)

Timing: Always (it's a wall...)