Since 1997, the ROBO-FACTORY produced 86 new OPTION CARDS! (March 2000)
All option cards have the same size as the original WotC-cards from the basic game and the Armed and Dangerous-Extension. So they can be mixed with the original cards without any problems.

The option cards are divided into sets, that can easily be printed on normally sized paper (JPEGs in 16Bit colour and 300 dpi should preserve fairly good quality printouts, but if you want PDFs,... mail me).

Every set contains 6 to 7 option cards and (some of them) the tokens belonging to the cards in the set.

You cannot download any of the original WotC-cards on this site and I will not send you copies of them.
  The cards come in three different looks, with cartoon pictures (the older ones), with renderings or without any picture to enlargen the space for descriptions on the cards. Please simply ignore the differences (if I will ever be bored for a week or so, I will make the layouts uniform ;)

In case you feel like improving the layouts or if you have ideas for new cards, please send me a mail! Of course, you won´t get any money for it (but an
e-mail if you want).

All cards & grafix were made by me, the ideas for them came from a lot of people, I´d like to greet here:
Freimut, Dennis, Helene, Shorty, Basti, Rene, Mark, Rob, Ry4an, Martin, Frederic, Timo, Phil, Marc, Kennedy and Cybermax.
  Download all option cards in one single ZIP (36 MB)

View Set 01+comments | Download SET 01 (3.3MB)
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